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Welcome to the guide on Patterns/Sequences

Before you start: This is an introductory lesson, so feel free to skip over concepts you are already comfortable with


Arithmetic/General Sequences: (finding rules for sequences) (finding the rule and common difference of arithmetic sequences) (more finding rules examples) (contains a formula + examples for finding the nth term of an arithmetic sequence) (a video with step-by-step examples) (website with review and examples for finding the nth term of an arithmetic sequence)

Geometric Sequences: (review of geometric sequences) (finding rules for geometric sequences) (geometric sequences) (finding the nth term of a geometric sequence) (step-by-step video of how to find the nth term of a geometric sequence)



Mixed Review: (This Khan Academy lesson is a great free resource for arithmetic and geometric sequences review, go through the lessons until you are comfortable) (you will see visual patterns like this on the test, having an understanding of these is helpful)


Remember to go back to the learning material if you have any questions (finding rules for an arithmetic sequence) (the patterns used are somewhat basic, but very helpful if you’re having difficulty finding the nth term) (more practice with nth term rules) (another site with nth term practice) (worksheet on arithmetic sequences w/ answer key) (practice with geometric sequences) (this is a link with some examples of visual patterns) (more examples of visual patterns) (a worksheet on completing a number pattern) (visual patterns practice)


Check for Understanding (final review):






















































































*To look at the answers, click here*


Congrats on reaching the end of this lesson. If you did not understand any concept be sure to go back through and review, so that you can be fully prepared. We learn the most from our mistakes so don’t be disheartened by them. When you feel that you are ready, go ahead and take a little break. Then come back and move onto another section!

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