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Path2TJ will make its best effort to inform and educate. We do not guarantee any success nor give any assurance that your scores for any exam will increase as a direct result of utilizing this material. We do not copy questions from QuantQ, ACT Aspire, or any test company without explicit permission from those entities. We do not reproduce any questions from any previous tests contributors may have taken in their personal experiences. Furthermore, we are not affiliated with Thomas Jefferson Highschool for Science and Technology. Though many of us are from this school. and we may receive endorsements from said school, we are not governed nor sanctioned by them. All material on this site is open for anyone to use. Many lessons include links to external sites such as Khan academy. These external resources do not endorse Path2TJ and have their own terms of use to which all users must adhere to. Path2TJ owns all elements of this site unless otherwise noted. None of the material on this website may be copied, reproduced, or altered without specific and expressed permission from Path2TJ through email or other legitimate means as these materials are proprietary. Any exceptions are granted on a case by case basis and should not be assumed.

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