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Hermeka Ray is an entrepreneur, business advisor, and change leadership consultant with over 22 years of progressive managerial and leadership experience in government, non-profit, and financial services.


A vision architect, Ms. Ray is sought after for her ability to solve complex business and cultural issues in critical client engagements. 


Ms. Ray is passionate about aligning business and social impact initiatives as a means for creating inclusive opportunities with greater impact.”

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"Hey, I’m Sai Chanda a rising Junior at TJ. I went to Kilmer Middle School in Vienna before coming to TJ. I love to play video games, playing lacrosse, hanging out with my friends, doing CS or coding, reading and food. Getting into TJ, making the choice to come here was a no brainer. A lot of my friends had made it in from my middle school, though I thought I would have a rough time with school and making new friends, but It was actually pretty easy to make new friends within just the first few days summer school.


Although TJ does have a reputation that exceeds it as to how difficult it is, a good work ethic and a positive attitude make all the difference in how you do. What I found in my experience is that studying early for tests, and scheduling your work so you aren’t overworked and exhausted really helps your physical and mental state. In addition, there are many great people to hang out with and clubs at TJ, that are a great way to relieve stress and just have fun. As well as sports, such as Lacrosse (which is the best sports to do at Tj, and you should join it) and football (join football as well). If you are even slightly interesting in making it into TJ, I highly recommend it, and I hope to see a lot of new applicants next year!"


"Hi, I'm Lena Bian. I am currently a rising junior at TJ and went to Rocky Run Middle School. Many people from my middle school tried out for and got accepted to TJ, some forced by parents. Originally, I was one of those people. I was not planning on applying to TJ or going into a STEM field, but my parents said I would regret it if I didn’t try. Surprisingly, I got accepted and decided to give TJ a chance. I quickly fell in love with STEM, and I wouldn’t want to go to any other school. 


I was lucky to have had amazing elementary and middle school teachers, and the opportunity to be a part of the AAP program. My teachers were especially good at teaching me the basics. I believe that taking the time to learn the basics will really help in the future and with the TJ test because a strong foundation allows you to be a better problem solver. Learning and experimenting with concepts by yourself is an excellent way to learn, and Path2TJ provides the materials for just that. I hope that the materials we offer build your interest in STEM and provide you with the chance and basics that you might not have given. I believe that we can make it through this difficult time by coming together as a community and helping each other.


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Hey y’all, I’m Michelle Ru and I’m a rising Junior at TJ!! My base school was Lake Braddock Secondary School. I was really fortunate to go to secondary school because running out of high-level and challenging classes was never really a concern for me. However, I understand that many other students do not have this opportunity.


My favorite part of TJ is the student body. I was definitely nervous at first because everyone seemed so dedicated, but I soon met and befriended a ton of amazing people!! Everyone at TJ (including the faculty) is super helpful and compassionate. I love being able to work with people who have similar passions and interests as I do. If you’re looking to be challenged and learn alongside some super interesting and talented people, TJ is definitely the place for you!!


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"Hello! I’m Amrita, a rising junior. I went to Rachel Carson Middle School before coming to TJ, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into :). TJ is a great place to find like-minded individuals; you can learn more about your passion while still having lots of fun (despite what you may hear). In my free time, I like to read books, dance, and swim.  


At TJ there are so many ways for students to get involved - eighth period clubs, sports teams, and classes - you will definitely find something that interests you. In the event you have a new idea, you can always start a new club with your friends. If you have any interest in STEM, and want to pursue that path, I strongly recommend trying out for TJ - even if you don’t get in, you’ll learn a lot along the way!"


"Hi! I am Sanjay Jacob and I’m currently a rising junior at TJ. I went to Farmwell Station Middle School in Loudoun County. I understand how hard it may be to make the decision to apply to TJ, especially considering that I came from a different county and had to leave most of my friends behind. However looking back, I truly believe I made the right decision. The mindset, technology, and general environment at TJ is not something you can get anywhere else, and I can confidently say that TJ is without a doubt one of the best places to pursue a passion in STEM.


Despite what you may hear, TJ is a fun place to be, and a place where you can make friends who have a like-minded personality as you. The diversity, culture, and various clubs put TJ in a league of its own. I also believe that with enough preparation anyone can pass through the admissions process. Contrary to popular belief, it is definitely not too difficult. By being a part of the Path2TJ team, I hope to make more kids realize their passion for STEM, and hopefully give them the help they need free of cost.


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Hi, I'm Bhaswith Suresh and a currently a rising junior. I went to Glasgow Middle School (Falls Church, VA) before TJ. Coming from a small middle school (just two people got into TJ from my year), I thought that TJ would be a scary experience. However, I quickly learned that it was just the opposite. I was amazed how many friends I had made in the first week and found so many people who shared my interests. I enjoy playing golf, debate, biology, statistics, and spending time with my friends and family exploring the outdoors. 

I think that the best way to learn something is in parts. When we break it up into small sections and spread it out over time, our brain has time to process information and ask questions. In my opinion, questions are the best part about learning. It shows that you're engaged and allows connections to be built. I hope that we can build a community together by asking questions and becoming one, interconnected community. 

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