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You Have to Type Fast!

We never know how the screening test is composed to evaluate the prospective students. We know for sure that the test is administered using a computer. Very often, most of the students are used to responding in a word application and some are used to putting it on paper in some shape of form before they start responding. We do not want you to lose the opportunity to present your best because you are not conditioned with typing. One of my friends in the Middle school, who is very deserving to be in TJHSST along with me, did not have a chance to put all his ideas in his response in the given time. He just could not type fast enough. That prompted me to write this article.

  • Practice Typing: Take a topic and set a self-limit to type your thoughts away. Time it to know your strength or if it will be your Achilles heel.

  • Topic Blues: More often to know your personality, the topic may present you an issue. It may be very interesting to you, so can write a lot or you do not have any position about it. You may also tend to respond slower than you usually do in such situations. To overcome such blues, take some random topics (we gave some at the end) and practice to see if you could meet general expectations.

  • Spelling: In this era of self-correcting word applications, we may not remember the spelling of all the words we have to type. We do not know the expectations of the test maker. Will the test tool include a spell check feature? It has not in previous years. Be prepared for a scenario where you may have to spell it right without help. The best way is to express yourself in words that are suitable, and you can spell fluently.

  • Simplify: Practice to express in simple words given a very complex topic. We do not have to use complex words to show our handle on the language. If it comes naturally and fits the context, feel free to express yourself in suitable words and I am not asking you to limit yourself. More often, in a limited time and for a given space, you do not want to tie knots of yourself looking for a word or to remember a quotation. Presenting the substance from your original thoughts in a succinct way so people unfamiliar with you can understand is very important.

  • We are adding a few topics below and randomly assigning space and time limits for you to challenge yourself. In no way do we have any clue that the following topics or kind of them will be on your test. Give a try on the following in 250 words and in 10 mts without the help of spell or grammar check (i.e. use notepad):

  • If you meet Thomas Jefferson and have an opportunity to ask one question, what would you ask and why?

  • Do you believe we need grades to evaluate the performance of students and why?

  • Can we start a major in High School instead of College? Why should I do so many Science or Arts classes I am not interested in ?

  • Do not be discouraged or worried if you can not or did not meet your own expectations. If you are falling behind, you know your limitations and work on it until your test. In the test, use your strengths to present yourself the best.

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