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Path2TJ is more than just a question bank or lessons. We are here to help you learn about all the types of students at TJ and to find out what you can do to help yourself be successful. Please read below to learn about all the tools available to you.


The part that you should spend the most time on is lessons. Here, we have split them up into several categories: Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. When you have time, visit a section of your choice, open the lesson, and start. Some lessons have prerequisite lessons that you should complete first. You will gain the most out of every lesson if you try to explore every part of it. These lessons are not supposed to be completed quickly. They should each take a bare minimum of an hour. However, this does not mean that you need to complete a lesson in one sitting. They are segmented into several parts so a possible way to complete one properly might include reading the introduction and reading/watching the learn section first, answering the practice problems second, and answering our final questions third.

This way one less can be broken into 3 parts that are not directly linked to one another. Studies have shown that looking at the same content multiple times will help you remember it better, so it is more advantageous to take your time. Keep in mind that we add lessons frequently. Check the announcements section on the home page for updates or look in the lessons section to see if there is a lesson you have not completed yet. Finally, it is beneficial to redo lessons. If the last time you did the permutations and combinations lesson for example was one month ago, it will be useful to re-do some of the practice links and the questions at the bottom. Remember, these lessons are the primary way for us to help you learn new content. Take them seriously and if you have any questions, send us a query on the support page. Good luck!

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