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Welcome to the guide on Exponents

Please note this topic is a big differentiator in getting a high score

The prerequisite for this lesson is a good understanding of multiplication. This is also a good lesson to do before going into the probability lessons.

Hey there! Welcome to this lesson on exponents!


Let’s start off with the basics of exponents. You can visit these links to gain a better understanding of the foundations.

Once you are confident with the concepts that you learned above, you can move on to the rules of exponents:


Now that you have a proper understanding of the basics and rules of exponents, visit the sites below for practice where you can apply the content you have learned:

If you are optimistic that you are able to do all the problems above with certainty, then try solving the problems below. If you aren’t, then it does not hurt to go back to the beginning and relearn the concepts to properly comprehend exponents.

1. Solve for y:  

exponents 1.png

2. If (4C+37)'s fourth root is equal to 4, what is (4C + 35)

3. John's dad has a certain number of barrels. He tells John, "If you square this number and then cube root it, the result is 100." How many barrels does John's father have?

4. When the base is negative, and the exponent is odd, then the product is___.  But when the base is negative, and the exponent is even, then the product is ___.

5. Bob is taking a coding class. His teacher wants him to write his age in Binary digits. A binary digit has a base of 2. If Bob is 18 years old, what his age in binary digits? 


Click here to view the answers.

If you are looking for more practice, try click here to try some more difficult questions. Use a calculator as not all numbers are easy to manipulate and check the answers.

Congrats on reaching the end of this lesson. If you did not understand any concept be sure to go back through and review, so that you can be fully prepared. We learn the most from our mistakes so don’t be disheartened by them. When you feel that you are ready, go ahead and take a little break. Then come back and move onto another section!

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