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What is Ethics anyway?

All of us are aware of the importance of ethical behavior from our student rights and responsibilities. From the point of seeking admission through graduation and beyond, there is a general expectation to set an example in every walk of life. Following ethics must be like second nature to be part of the TJ community. We believe the personality test will include ways to test your commitment for ethics.

Obviously, in any test or screening, there will be questions to know your commitment to ethics, check out the following to think and how do you respond in few words (These are more explicit in their intent than what you would likely see):

  • If you found a test a teacher forgot in the classroom that will be given to you next week, what would you do?

  • If you discover a medication for a life threatening disease, what price would you like to charge? (Very relevant today)

  • If you find the answer key to an assignment your teacher gave, would you/how would you use it?

  • How much money is enough money?


These may sound like very loaded questions for a middle schooler but the choices we make and words we choose define our personality and character. We want to be caring and sharing, help those are vulnerable in need and strive to be the best all the time. Most importantly, remember to show the type of person you are and keep the focus on you.

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