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It's all about Why-What-How

Most often, both aspiring students and parents know an opportunity to study in TJHSST is the best thing to happen. As often, they may not be able to coherently be able to answer why they want to go toTJ, what they want to do with the opportunity and how they want to give back to the society. I agree that it is a challenge for someone in middle school to think in these terms. We will try to explain below:

Why do you want to study at TJ?

Obviously, this is the most important question you want to answer yourself. You would like to compare your prospective home Highschool and see it will meet all your expectations. TJHSST, I have no doubt will offer a challenging curriculum in any subject or opportunity to be part of any competitive sport or music. Most importantly and not to be boastful, nothing can buy the quality of peers, committed and accomplished faculty, quality facilities and fun environment. Graduating students are more than college ready and fit into any school like fish in water. When we go to any theme park, you realize you can not see all the events in a day. It is not nearly impossible to cover all the streams offered in TJHSST in a four-year period. What does it all mean to a prospective student? Along with the opportunity comes expectation of commitment to longer commutes, to missing your friends from Middle School, and to not to treat the core curriculum as a burden to name a few.


Check out the intros of contributors of this site and you see how we are all from different school pyramids but became friends. There are a variety of clubs to get involved in- you even have the freedom to start one of your own interest. Faculty offer to help in eighth period and beyond when students feel they are falling behind. They also go above and beyond to work with sports to challenge and not fall behind. In several sports, TJ competes to win at the state level. For example, several members in Football team may not have played until they enter High School, but they learn and excel. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, current applicants do not have an opportunity to attend the tour in person. It should not deter you to take virtual tours of the school by finding photos or using the resources on the internet to weigh in the decision to come to TJ.


What do you want to do with TJ education?

You decided to come to TJHSST and pursue the curriculum to the best of your abilities. When you graduate, you will be ready to pursue your program of your choice with confidence. You will develop lifelong relationships with like-minded people to seek opportunities in future. When you join any University, your familiarity with the equipment and proficiency in basic material will effortlessly earn opportunities for internships. As we juggle multiple things, we learn to prioritize and do efficient time management. These skills are for the lifetime.

How do you want to pay back?

It is not sermonizing, but you should have a heart to see education has a bigger purpose than making a living. A good number of faculty have sought after patents and a good number of TJ faculty are alma mater. They are accomplished and could have chosen to stay in the industry to enrich themselves, but teaching is their passion. If you also have a dream and for you to navigate path forward, TJ may be the north star. Many people’s hero, Bill Gates, needs no introduction to what he accomplished in information technology. He also has the heart to give most of his riches to relieve the suffering of humanity across the globe. Who is your hero?

When you can answer these questions, you will be very comfortable to answer any personality question in the exam. Make sure you take these questions seriously, be thoughtful and to emphatically articulate why you want to be part of the august student body. You will pursue with all your heart, enjoy the journey and make the world a better place.

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