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We are nonprofit dedicated to providing peer-level guidance to prepare all aspiring students for a fair chance at TJ admission. 

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What is ethics anyway? Get to know Ethics


Articulate your interest in TJHSST

Type it away

Learn to type fast enough to respond well


If there is a personality test for future


Discover your successful portrait

What we do:

  • Free self-guided lessons that are tailored towards the skills you need to know ​ ​

  • A blog containing personal short stories of TJ students sharing their experiences and life at TJ ​ ​

  • Tips and techniques we used to prepare and take the exams for admission ​

  • Events and Webinars to guide you through the steps of applying ​

  • Methods to manage test anxiety 

News & Updates
Application Process:

TJHSST Freshman Winter Application Process, calendar is out, please check out for more details.

Alumni's Guide

Check out this guide written by past TJ students about navigating high school! Click here

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